Wooden Wedding Bands

Mens Wooden Wedding Rings

At Wooden Rings we manufacture our own Custom Made Mens Wooden Wedding Rings as well as Wooden Rings for Women, which are an interesting alternate to traditional metal only wedding rings.

Mens wedding rings often get out sparkled by the traditional Womans wedding rings, but Wooden Rings wants to change that with our Mens Wooden Wedding Rings. We are also not only a Manufacturer of Mens Wooden Wedding Rings but also of Custom Made Wedding rings for Men and Woman. We incorporate a large variety of different materials and elements into our Custom Made designs.

You can choose from a variety of different metals such as Silver, Gold, platinum as well as Stainless steel and Damascus steel to design your Wedding ring. We also love to incorporate sentiment into our designs. Perhaps you have some wood from your old family farm or some sand from the place you met or some gravel from the place you got engaged. We could incorporate almost anything into your wedding ring.

Mens Wooden Wedding Rings are a real trendy and beautiful option for tying the knot and saying “ I DO”. Our range of Mens Wooden Wedding Rings includes a large variety of woods that’s can be seen on our website.  We can manufacture any of our Mens Wooden Wedding Rings with any of the woods seen our website. If you have a specific wood in mind that you would like your Mens Wooden Wedding Ring to be made from you can always send us an email and we will try to source the wood for your Mens Wooden Wedding Rings.

Mens Wooden Wedding Rings are something really special. Our Epoxy glassed range of Wooden Rings seal in the wood and make it water resistant and maintenance free. These are a great option for wedding rings for both men and woman. Our range of Mens Wooden Wedding Rings is endless and can be Custom Made to your desired specifications to suit your needs.