Wooden Wedding Bands

Different types of wood we use for our rings

We use many different types of wood for rings that we source locally to manufacture our Wooden Rings.  The different types of wood for rings that we use range from Mahogany,Tambotie, African Black wood, Wild Olive wood , Teak, Ash, Panga-Panga, Rose wood, Eucalyptus wood, Imbuia and Kiaat Wood.

If the different types of wood for rings that you are looking for is not available on our website, You can always send us an email so we can try and source the wood you are looking for. Many of our clients have some wood that is special or sentimental to them and we have done many projects with wood sent to us by our clients. If you have a special piece of wood that you want made into a ring we can always infuse it with a resin to stabilise the wood to make it suitable for a ring. E.G and old piece of wood from the barn you got engaged at.

We don’t only use different types of wood for rings, but also many other materials. We can do rings with crushed Semiprecious stones, crushed shells, sand, crushed rocks, dried leaves or flowers almost anything that is small enough to go into a ring can be cast into your ring design.

The image is of a design that your client had envisioned that included an emerald, a clean diamond, Dirty Diamond, Pink diamond, a leaf and a flower petal all cast into the design with burl wood that we stabilised by infusing resin epoxy into it.

Our different types of wood for rings are quite vast but it is recommended that you add sentiment to your design with your specified preferences and materials.