For your convenience, we have put together some point on how to care for your newly bought wooden ring.  Our rings are already treated and delivered in a good state, but from time to time, as with any wooden product, the wood needs some care to revitalize it and make it look as good as new.  Please read through our wooden ring care guide to help make your rings last for a long time.

  • Safe to wash your hands with water.
  • Do not swim or bath with your ring.  Although this might not do much damage to the ring, it is best to avoid to ensure a longer lasting ring.
  • When your wood look a bit dry, wipe it with some olive or almond oil.  That will look after the wood and bring back some of the rich colors.
  • Each wooden ring is specially handcrafted to ensure quality.
  • Although we cannot promise you that our rings will last FOREVER, we can say that they are surprisingly strong.  Not as strong as metal bands but definitely more eco-friendly and beautiful.