Epoxy Glassed

Dual Band Silver

Epoxy Glassed Odd Dual Band Silver & Tambotie
FREE Shipping

R 2 050.00

Epoxy Glassed
Single Band Silver &

Epoxy Glassed Single Band
Silver & Mahogany | FREE Shipping

R 1 550.00

Epoxy Glassed
Tambotie Wood
with Silver Sleeve

Silver Sleeve covered in Tambotie wood that has and epoxy glassed
layer over the wooden section of the ring to protect the wood.

R 1 450.00

Navy Blue with
White dots &

Kiaat Bowtie

Custom made Kiaat Wooden Bowtie with Navy Blue with White Dots
centre material section. Includes and neck strap and is package in a box as
can be seen on the image.

R 299.00

Welcome to Wooden Rings in South Africa. We create custom made solid wooden rings for men and woman. Our ever increasing range of rings will suit all styles and preferences. You can also send us an e-mail should you want to create your own style or design.  NEW – We make wooden rings with Silver and Gold as well.  Check out our latest rings!


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Dual Band ( 2mm) Silver & Wild Olivewood | FREE Shipping

R 2,150.00 R 1,950.00

Epoxy Glassed Ash Wood with Silver Sleeve | FREE Shipping

R 1,750.00 R 1,450.00

Epoxy Glassed Mixed Single Band Silver with ASH & Panga-Panga Wood

R 1,850.00

Epoxy Glassed Narrow Dual Band Silver with Wild Olive Wood | FREE SHIPPING

R 1,950.00 R 1,750.00

Epoxy Glassed Single Band Silver & Mahogany | FREE Shipping

R 1,850.00 R 1,650.00

Epoxy Glassed Tambotie Wood with Silver Sleeve | FREE Shipping

R 1,750.00 R 1,450.00

Gents Dual Band Flat Top Ring | FREE Shipping

R 2,500.00

Hand Carved Inverse Dual Band & Tambotie for Her | FREE Shipping

R 2,550.00 R 2,250.00

Ladies Single Band Silver & Mahogany with Silver Heart

R 1,750.00 R 1,550.00

Ladies Tri-Band Silver – Dual Layer Tambotie With Heart | FREE Shipping

R 2,150.00

Leather with Kiaat Bowtie

R 349.00

Mahogany with Single Band & Silver sleeve | FREE Shipping

R 1,650.00 R 1,550.00

Navy Blue with White dots & Kiaat Bowtie

R 299.00

Odd Dual Band & Mahogany | FREE Shipping

R 2,250.00 R 1,950.00

Odd Dual Band & Wild Olivewood | FREE Shipping

R 2,250.00 R 1,950.00

Rounded Thick Dual Band Silver (2mm) & Tambotie | Free Shipping

R 2,150.00 R 1,950.00

Single Band 9ct Rose Gold & Mahogany Ring | FREE Shipping

R 4,950.00R 8,400.00

Single Band Silver & LIGHT African Mahogany | FREE Shipping

R 1,650.00 R 1,550.00

Single Band Silver Couple Set with Heart

R 3,350.00 R 2,950.00

Thick Dual Band Silver ( 2mm ) & African Mahogany | FREE Shipping

R 2,150.00 R 1,950.00


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For your convenience, you can shop online here at Wooden Rings South Africa.  Please remember to quote your ring size in the “Order Notes” section when checking out.  The payment system is secure as we use one of South Africa’s safest payment gateways.  Alternatively you can also do an EFT payment.

We are not only eco friendly, but also aesthetically and visually beautiful to look at.  With a wooden ring from Wooden Rings South Africa, you are sure to make a statement.  Our 100% wooden rings are made from various types of wood found here in Africa.  We recently launched our Wooden Rings with silver range and please to say the response has been fantastic! Please view our Rings with Silver & Gold.

You can order your own custom handcrafted wooden ring.  Please send us an e-mail with your special request or specifics you would like on your custom handcrafted wooden ring.