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Damascus Steel Ring With 9ct Yellow Gold Inside | FREE SHIPPING

R 5,450.00R 8,250.00

Blue Crushed Stone 9ct Rose Gold Dual Bands and Tri-Layer Bent Wood Mahogany Wood Ring | Free Shipping

R 3,350.00

Epoxy Glassed 9ct Rose Gold and Dual Band Tri-Layer Bent Wood Mahogany Wood Ring | Free Shipping

R 2,950.00

Tri Band Silver Dual Layer Tambotie | FREE SHIPPING

R 1,850.00

Epoxy Glassed Narrow Dual Band Silver with Wild Olive Wood | FREE SHIPPING

R 1,750.00

Dual Band Couples Set with Infinity Ring with Cubic Zirconia and Mahogany Wood | FREE Shipping

R 3,950.00

Epoxy Glassed Tambotie Wood with Silver Sleeve | FREE Shipping

R 1,450.00

Single Band Silver & Tambotie | FREE Shipping

R 1,450.00

Epoxy Glassed 9ct Yellow Gold NARROW Dual Band & Light African Mahogany | Free Shipping

R 5,300.00R 9,500.00

Thick Dual Band 9ct Yellow Gold & Mahogany Ring | Free Shipping

R 5,999.00R 10,999.00

Teal Green (Pearlescent ) Epoxy Sleeve With Teak Wood

R 750.00

Matt White Epoxy Sleeve with Teak Wood

R 750.00

Epoxy Glassed Dual Band Silver (1mm) & Mahogany Wood | FREE Shipping

R 2,050.00